AMD Unveils 7th Generation APUs, Budget VR-Ready GPU, and More at Computex

AMD Unveils 7th Generation APUs, Budget VR-Ready GPU, and More at ComputexAMD at Computex 2016 has unveiled its 7th era computer processors. aside from two FX-collection APUs, the corporation delivered seven new APUs in its A-collection and E-series. The chipmaker additionally unveiled the Radeon RX480 pics card based totally on its Polaris structure – the cardboard is VR equipped, AMD says, and has an recommended retail fee of just $199 – seriously lowering the fee bar for pc customers to properly enjoy digital truth. AMD’s upcoming Zen-based totally Summit Ridge processors had been also in part distinctive at the occasion.

starting with the brand new AMD APU SKUs – they are based on a new edition of the Excavator middle first seen inside the Carrizo SoCs, known as the Excavator mk2 – still primarily based at the 28nm fabrication system. AMD has divided the brand new SKUs into entry-level pocket book and mainstream notebook services – Stoney Ridge and Bristol Ridge respectively. The chipmaker says Stoney Ridge offers 52 percent quicker overall performance than the previous era of access-stage cellular chips from the employer, and Bristol Ridge gives 56 percentage faster performance than its Carrizo counterparts.

AMD has now not precise the pricing of the Stoney Ridge and Bristol Ridge chips, intended for OEMs, however says its partners have already begun using them in laptops. the previous lineup features two CPU cores, at the same time as the latter lineup functions 4 CPU cores. Stoney Ridge APUs include as much as 4 GPU CUs, even as Bristol Ridge APUs come with up to eight GPU CUs.amd_seventh_generation_apus_twitter.jpg

the brand new Bristol Ridge APUs for mainstream notebooks are available in the FX, A12, and A10 lineups, specially, the AMD FX 9830P (3GHz base clock, 3.7GHz max clock), AMD FX 9800P (2.7GHz base clock, 3.6GHz max clock), AMD A12-9730P (2.8GHz base clock, 3.5GHz max clock), AMD A12-9700P (2.5GHz base clock, three.4GHz max clock), AMD A12-9630P (2.6GHz base clock, 3.3GHz max clock), and AMD A12-9600P SKUs (2.4GHz base clock, three.3GHz max clock). All endure 2MB of shared L2 Cache, and 12 PCIe Gen lanes.

on the other hand, the Stoney Ridge APUs are to be had in the A9, A6, and E2 lineups, especially, AMD A9-9410 (2.9GHz base clock, three.5GHz max clock), AMD A6-9210 (2.4GHz base clock, 2.8GHz max clock), and AMD E2-9010 (2GHz base clock, 2.2GHz max clock). All three undergo 1MB of L2 Cache.

All APUs within the Bristol Ridge series undergo a 15W TDP, besides for the ’30P’ variants, which bear a 35W TDP. The Stoney Ridge APUs then again all bear 15W TDPs. the new AMD FX and AMD A12 APUs undergo Radeon R7 images, even as the AMD A10 and AMD A9 APUs endure Radeon R5 photos. The AMD A6 and AMD E2 APUs then again endure Radeon R4 and Radeon R2 snap shots respectively. The photos cores are clocked among 600MHz and 900MHz.

The nine new APUs all guide DDR4 memory, but in twin-channel shape best. all of the APUs additionally suit at the Carrizo’s FM2+ socket, which means OEMs will no longer ought to use new motherboards for refreshed laptop fashions.

Coming to the brand new AMD Radeon RX480 VR-prepared GPU – the pictures card might be to be had in 4GB and 8GB of GDDR5 reminiscence variants, and the first cards from AMD companions primarily based on the GPU will hit shops on June 29. as a minimum one of the variations might be HTC Vive ready and Oculus Rift certified.amd_radeon_rx480.jpg

the cardboard is based on the global Foundries 14nm FinFET fabrication method. whilst AMD has not but certain which precise Polaris GPU it is the use of on the Radeon RX480, Anandtech speculates it to be the Polaris 10. it’s miles based at the images center next four.0 (GCN architecture.

As for specifications, the AMD Radeon RX480 comes with 2304 circulation processors (allocated in 36 CUs), whilst AMD has not unique the variety of texture devices, ROPs, or transistor count number. it’s miles said to deliver over five teraflops of overall performance, function a boost clock over 1.08GHz, sport an 8Gbps reminiscence clock and 256-bit reminiscence bandwidth, and offer a TDP of 150W. The GPU supports HDMI 2.0a, DisplayPort 1.3/1.4, as well as AMD’s Freesync generation.

subsequently, we get to the few new details about AMD’s upcoming Zen architecture primarily based Summit Ridge technology of processors, for you to use the new AM4 computer socket. The company at the event showcased an early sample of an 8-center Zen-based totally CPU. the primary samples can be rolled out to pick companions in a few weeks. Wider availability will take location in Q3 2016, even though the retail launch was not distinct.

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