Android privacy assistant seeks to stop unwanted data collection

Not sure what your phone is collecting about you? A free Android app is promising to simplify the privacy settings on your smartphone, and stop any unwanted data collection.dsc05694

The English language app, called Privacy Assistant, comes from a team at Carnegie Mellon University, who’ve built it after six years of research studying digital privacy.

“It’s very clear that a large percentage of people are not willing to give their data to any random app,” said CMU professor Norman Sadeh. “They want to be more selective with their data, so this assistant will help them do that.”

Their Privacy Assistant is designed to automatically modify your phone’s privacy settings for you, based on your views about certain types of data collection.

For instance, when the app first starts up, it’ll ask you three to five questions to gauge your privacy preferences. How do you feel about your social media accessing your camera? Or what about game apps pulling your location data?


From those answers, the app will recommend a particular set of privacy settings you should consider. Users can then approve the recommendations or alter them, accordingly.

The assistant may sound enticing, but it comes with a catch. The software only works with Android 5.x and 6.x phones that have been rooted — which most Android users haven’t done.

Rooting a phone means gaining root access to the Android operating system, opening it up to full customization. But the act can also void your phone’s warranty or brick the phone, if done improperly.

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon have previously published research, showing that users are often alarmed when they learn their smartphone apps have been collecting their private data like locations.

Users, however, can face a cumbersome task when modifying their phone’s privacy settings or the app permissions.

“A typical Android user has between 50 and 100 apps, and these apps can require three permissions,” Sadeh said. “So you do the math, and the number of permissions can be overwhelming.”

Many apps are also collecting private user data when they don’t really need it, he said. The Privacy Assistant is designed to revoke those permissions, without causing any malfunctions with the offending app.

As the user downloads more software, the Privacy Assistant will continue to work in the background, recommending what new app permissions should be approved or denied.

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With root access, the CMU team’s Privacy Assistant app is able to automatically apply new permission settings to the phone. However, Sadeh estimates that only about 25 percent of all Android smartphones in the world are rooted and many of those are located in Asia.

He doesn’t recommend people root their phone just to use this app. But Sadeh believes his team’s Privacy Assistant will attract a “sizable population” of existing users who are concerned about their online privacy.

The app is also part of the researchers’ larger efforts to streamline privacy settings. The hope is that Google, Apple, and device manufacturers will notice the benefits offered by their Privacy Assistant and incorporate the technology into their products.

Google is among those funding the university’s work on online privacy, Sadeh said.

“People like this stuff,” he added. A smartphone manufacturer “would have an advantage over your competitors if you ended up putting this on the smartphone you sell to customers.”

Opera VPN makes its way to Android

Opera VPN makes its way to Android

VPNs are a necessity these days with talk of governments and other agencies spying on people’s smartphones and computers. Opera is one web browser that has understood this concept very well. A few months ago, we saw Opera integrating a VPN within its desktop browser. This was followed by a standalone VPN app for iOS. Well, the company has now announced Opera VPN for Android, with the ability to block ads and ad-tracking, completely for free.

One big complaint people have with VPN providers is that they’re usually not free. However, Opera VPN is an exception to that rule. While it might not completely replace your paid VPN services, it’s a good alternative to have if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks on a VPN provider.

You have the ability to pick regions of your choice with the likes of the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Germany and Singapore to choose from. It is said that more countries will be added soon. To spice things up a little bit, the app also comes with a built-in WiFi test tool.

The app is a free download, naturally, and will run in the background once you set it up on your Android device. You can download it right away from the Google Play Store.

5 of the best Bluetooth keyboards for iPhone and Android (2016)

5 of the best Bluetooth keyboards for iPhone and Android (2016)In latest years, smartphones with hardware QWERTY keyboards have built-in large part disappeared from the market, with only a few handsets (just like the BlackBerry Priv) nevertheless supplybuiltintegrated such keyboards. however, this does not imply that you have to exclusively depend on your smartphone’s software keyboard when some serious typintegratedg is required. that’s due to the fact there are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards that you can buy and pair along with your handset for a more appropriate typintegratedg built-in.

Of route, a integrated like this (cellphone + Bluetooth keyboard) commonly cannot built-in the consolation and advantages that laptops or built-in computers are impartbuiltintegrated. but maybe built-in this is all you have round.

We already supplied a variety of the exceptional Bluetooth keyboards for Android and iOS, but that was last 12 months, so now it’s time for any other listbuiltintegrated. take a look at it out below (keyboards are proven built-in no unique order):

LG Rolly

As you virtually realize, LG is a enterprise that manufactures a built-incredible type of gadgets except telephones and capsules. among these gadgets, there is a Bluetooth keyboard it really is called LG Rolly. builtintegrated ultimate 12 months as “the built-in’s first strong rollable wi-fi portable keyboard”, the LG Rolly may be paired with smartphones and pills thru Bluetooth, and built-in a dock for gadgets up to ten integratedches. produced from effect resistant plastic, the keyboard features nicely spaced keys, and you may roll it up built-into an clean to hold stick. The LG Rolly comes with one AAA battery built-in (which need to be exact enough for as much as four months of utilization), bebuilt-ing compatible with Android, iOS, and built-indows. The keyboard’s official fee is $119.built-inintegrated, but Amazon is built-inintegrated it for $fifty six.

EC technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

made from an aircraft-grade alumbuilt-inum alloy, this EC era keyboard has a sturdy production, and functions a built-in-fold mechanism that makes it clean to carry around. thanks to an anodized matte system, the keys provide a outstanding tactile feelbuilt-ing, and an built-inary fun typing built-in. The EC generation Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard has a rechargeable battery, however doesn’t built-in a dock, so that you can also need a stand (either real, or improvised) built-in cellphone or pill while built-ing it. The keyboard expenses $35.built-inety nbuiltintegrated, and works with maximum Bluetooth-enabled devices built-ing iOS, Android, or windows.

iClever ultra slim 3 color Backlight Bluetooth Keyboard

this is some other alumbuilt-inum-made Bluetooth keyboard it truly is based on a built-inintegrated-fold mechanism, however it has a further characteristic: a customizable backlight – you may choose between brightness stages, and 3 built-in (blue, crimsonintegrated, built-inexperiencedintegrated). The iClever extremely slender three color keyboard can be used each wirelessly (through Bluetooth, with iOS, Android, or home wbuiltintegrated devices), and with desktops through a USB cable. you could seamlessly transfer between devices with a dedicated built-ination of keys. The iClever keyboard charges $fifty four.nbuiltintegrated, and built-inbuiltintegrated a 750 mAh rechargeable battery. built-in, there may be no dock blank.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-tool Keyboard K480

Logitech is well-known for its keyboards (among other add-ons), so we do not built-inthbuiltintegrated all people will be surprised to see one of the enterprise’s keyboards here. we are built-ing approximately the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-tool Keyboard K480, a cozy, keyboard that occurs to be the most important on our list. The K480 offers an built-incorporated cradle which could built-inintegrated a phone and a tablet at the identical time (those ought to now not be thicker than 0.4 integratedches), and there may be a committed dial to switch between up to 3 Bluetooth gadgets. The Logitech K480 currently charges $24.nbuiltintegrated (white variant), or $29.built-in (black version), comintegratedg with AAA batteries built-inintegrated box.

Jelly Comb universal Bluetooth Keyboard
want an amazed Bluetooth keyboard that’s also simply reasonably-priced? try the Jelly Comb generic Bluetooth Keyboard, which relies on Bluetooth 3.0, and expenses as little as $11. this is a plastic-made keyboard that’s simple and smooth to apply, and does not soak up an excessive amount of area while you want to position it built-in a bag (most of it is 0.23 built-inches skinny, although there may be a thicker portion at the). The Jelly Comb universal Bluetooth Keyboard works with iOS, Android, and Mac. It comes in shade variants – silver and black (the black version is priced at $12.) – and you will want two AAA batteries to startintegrated the usage ofintegrated it. No dock built-incovered.

It’s Time For Android and Chrome OS To Merge

Its-Time-For-Android-and-Chrome-OS-To-MergeThe future of computing is hybrid. telephones have end up drugs. capsules have grow to be computer computer systems with keyboards. Hell, Microsoft even made home windows telephones powerful sufficient for use as full-fledged pcs. backside line: A gadget in 2016 desires to be flexible. it’s why Google bringing every single Android app to Chrome might be this type of large deal .

The plan has seemingly been in the works for years. Ever when you consider that Chrome OS boss Sundar Pinchai replaced Android creator Andy Rubin in 2013 at the helm of the mobile OS, we’ve been predicting that the 2 software program monoliths might in the future collide . Google first of all evolved each running structures in parallel, however now that Android is the maximum broadly used running system within the global (and Chromebook’s accounting for much less than 3 percent of worldwide computers), the pressure is on Google to fold Chrome into Android.

On Sunday we were given the modern-day piece of proof indicating that a merger become forthcoming. users within the Chrome OS subreddit reported a glitch which suggestions that Android apps will soon be available on Chrome. InauspiciousPagan, in conjunction with others, saw a popup container inquiring for permission to turn on the full Google Play save for Chrome. It seemed like this:It's Time For Android and Chrome OS To Merge

it is time For Android and Chrome OS To Merge
photo: Reddit thru Inauspicious Pagan
the option nearly at once disappeared, however no longer before rekindling intrigue amongst lovers. If that is a impending characteristic that Google by accident leaked beforehand of its developer conference next month, it might be a large deal. growing an smooth way to run Android apps on a Chrome device might be a big improve over the restricting Apps Runtime for Chrome, which currently simplest works for some lucky programs. There are different headache-inducing paintings arounds, however no longer the sort of native Google Play apps guide you’re getting here.

apart from the obvious advantages to ordinary Chromebooks, pills may be the massive winners from this software program mash-up. Android itself has constantly been the problem in relation to Google-powered capsules. until Android N, which is not even publicly available but, humans could not use two apps immediately or make app windows smaller. it’s one of the essential motives why Samsung drugs, and now to a positive diploma iPads, are greater work-friendly.

at the turn facet, you have Chrome OS, a light-weight pc experience dependent on an internet connection. For what Chromebooks are, they work exceedingly well. but as Microsoft’s floor reputation grew and different 2-in-1’s began blurring the road among laptop and pill, it became apparent that Chrome OS changed into no longer constructed to run on touch gadgets. Use a Chromebook Pixel for like 10 seconds, and you will know what I imply.

This Chrome OS replace may be the muse for regardless of the hell it thinks “hybrid” approach in 2016. Microsoft’s idea is essentially a laptop that you can detach from its keyboard, just like the surface , and Apple’s vision is a souped-up mobile working gadget attached to a keyboard, like an iPad pro . Google, however, seems like it is going for a third alternative: combining the first-rate of each worlds.

Google already tried combining Chrome and Android in last yr’s Pixel C. In an extended breakdown, Ars Technica stated the tablet probably developed from a hint-optimized Chrome OS, to a twin-boot Frankenstein’s monster, to just a plain vintage Android. In fact, the software blend-up became almost universally the biggest trouble reviewers had with the Pixel C . It felt like a device that desired to be greater however scaled returned at the remaining minute

We can provide the most secure Android smartphones: BlackBerry

when BlackBerry released its first Android phone Priv in India for a whopping Rs sixty two,990, the marketplace become quick to name it the quit of the Canadian telephone giant. For, maximum brands these days aim at gaining a competitive aspect via reducing charges.

but, BlackBerry defended its pricing claiming ‘relied on security and privateness’ gain of its gadgets.
We interacted with BlackBerry India MD Narendra Nayak at the employer’s switch to Android platform and how it plans to preserve its exclusivity in a market wherein majority of the smartphones run Android.
Does BlackBerry’s shift to Android suggest that Android OS is the only wish for cellphone makers?
one of the matters BlackBerry determined someday returned become to emerge as an open platform agency. on the software program the front, our services are strolling on all platforms – Samsung Knox, iOS, windows 10 and BlackBerry itself. We need to deliver the equal notion method to our devices commercial enterprise too. glaringly, we cannot make an iOS smartphone. So, it needed to be an Android.

will we see best high-end Android phones from BlackBerry?
Priv is not the cease. BlackBerry will preserve to focus on high-give up smartphones. just like the Priv and Passport, we want to make smartphones preserving the requirements of excessive-give up enterprise customers in thoughts.

Do you suspect focused on simply high-stop business users could be enough for BlackBerry’s boom?
Going forward, the clear differentiation of business users will narrow down with employees having access to employer apps.we will absolutely examine bringing smartphones priced lower than the Priv in the time to come back. those are possibly to be within the mid-range.

If no longer aggressive pricing, what else can BlackBerry do to stay relevant?
BlackBerry gadgets are for people who cost privacy and statistics safety. we are able to offer the maximum comfortable Android smartphones.

So, can BlackBerry instill iOS-like believe in Android?
We have not tampered with Android a lot to make it comfortable. we have just added a BlackBerry protection layer over it. most significantly, we are able to provide app-stage protection alongside. We can not comment on such adjectives, however we are doing what we are truly regarded for with Android.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro Review

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro Reviewdrugs are built-ing a regular decline, with the tablet market register integratedg poor growth wireless gures integrated 2015. Even built-inside integrated this declintegrated built-ing marketplace, Apple built-int abuilt integrated to rule as the primary tablet manufacturer, with Android and integrated-based pill makers. chinese language producer Lenovo sits built-in fourth vicbuilt integrated, with a market proportion of simply over 5wireless percentage.

This brings us to the question: are Android capsules even relevant anymore? Lenovo built-inintegrated thbuilt-inks so, based totally at the fact that it simply launched the Yoga Tab three pro built-in India. First unveiled built-in September built-ing yr, the Yoga Tab 3 seasoned does not appear like some other Android pill. It has its very own built-in-constructed projector, along within tegrated Dolby Atmos tuned audio system and a unique stand that offers it the ability for use built-in diverse positions. We cross integrated-built-intensity with the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 pro built-in our evaluate.lenovo_yoga_tab3_pro_main_ndtv.jpg

appearance and experience
Lenovo’s Yoga tablet range has constantly followed a constant layout language. The Tab three seasoned sticks to this, with a cylintegrateddrical base and stand that lets the pill be placed upright or slightly angled when flat. whilst you don’t want the stand, it could built-in reality be folded returned integratedto vicbuiltintegrated and clicked shut. A bodily button on the again may be pressed to liberate the stand while wanted. A small flap beneath the stand hides the microSD slot. a few built-in variations of this tablet additionally guide cellular statistics connectivity, and those editions have a SIM slot underneath this flap as properly.

The Yoga Tab 3 seasoned’s signature characteristic, the built-incorporated projector, is built integratedto the stand. This basically allows you to modify the angle of the projector’s throw and still use the pill wi-ficultywireless whilst it’s projectintegratedg, which can be built-in particular benewiwireless built-inintegrated displays. The digicam is on the bottom, however to at least one aspect of the swivelbuilt-ing stand, and therefore cannot be angled the same way. That shouldn’t be a good deal of a hassle built-ince youintegrated builtintegrated may not be takintegratedg many pictures built-inthe use of the Yoga Tab 3 pro.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab three seasoned is not a small device through any method. it’s got a big 10.1-built-inch screen and weighs a hefty 665g. it is certabuiltintegrated a bit heavier at the base, so it isn’t always pretty as easy to deal with as many other more balanced tablets. The left aspect has the electricity button, Micro-USB port and quantity rocker, even as the left has the projector button and three.5mm audio socket.lenovo_yoga_tab3_pro_power_ndtv.jpg

The the front of the device has the secondary digicam and Dolby Atmos-tuned JBL speaker array, produced from 4 builtintegrated speakers, sittintegratedg right beneath the display. The screen itself is pretty an impressive one, with a 2560×1600-pixel decision and density of 299ppi. it’s exquisite built-inintegrated brightness and colours, and is integrated sharp at standard viewintegratedg distances for drugs. This makes the Yoga Tab three pro an built-incredible choice built-in case youintegrated built-intend to apply it for built-inintegrated a number of wiwireless and tv builtintegrated.

wi-fications and software program
The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 pro is powered built-ingintegrated a quad-middle Intel Atom x5-Z8500 SoC, clocked at 2.24GHz. there’s also 2GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in garage (expandable by as much as 128GB with a microSD card) and batteries: a bigger 6200mAh unit and a smaller 4000mAh one, totallintegratedg a massive 10,200mAh of battery capacity. The version of the Yoga Tab 3 pro that has been released integrated India is the Rs. 39,990 YT-3X90F variation which does now not have cell connectivity, although the mobile editions were built-in on Lenovo’s India web site.lenovo_yoga_tab3_pro_back_ndtv.jpg

aside from this, there’s also Bluetooth 4.0, c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a a/b/g/n/ac and GPS connectivity. builtintegrated built-inside theintegrated bundle is a USB cable and a 24W charger, which costs the pill fairly quick regardless of the massive batteries.lenovo_yoga_tab3_pro_projector2_ndtv.jpg

The Lenovo Yoga Tab three seasoned runs Android wiwireless.1 with a customised user integratedterface on built-in. it is a -layered UI that has visual similarities to Lenovo’s Vibe UI for smartphones, despite the fact that a few small tweaks had been made to optimise the integratedterface for the bigger display. other than Lenovo’s own apps, you furthermore mght get Netflix pre-set up, signifyintegratedg the pill’s integrated use as a media device. at the whole, the built-interface is largely a big-screened model of what we are used to seebuilt-ing on Lenovo smartphones.

Key apps worth gobuilt-ing integratedto element about are the projector app, the Dolby Atmos tunbuilt-ing app, and Lenovo Sketchpad. The projector app lets you manipulate the projector and select wi-films, photos and wi-fileswireless to view, but we located it less complicatedwireless to absolutely turn on the projector integrated the hardware button at the facet or the toggle built-inside theintegrated brief settbuilt-ings panel, after which navigate via the built-interface to wi-fi media. however there are some settbuilt-ings which you’ll need the app for, built-inintegrated focus tunintegratedg, brightness, and keystone correction. The Dolby app helps you to set off the digital surround sound mode, as well asintegrated tweak the equaliser as you see wireless. The Sketchpad app helps you to draw on display, built-in order to built-inintegrated handy when built-inthe use of the projector for demonstrations and presentations.
overall performance
The Yoga Tab 3 pro is one among a small number of modern pills powered built-in the Intel Atom x5-Z8500 SoC, and we registered seventy nbuiltintegrated,372 built-in AnTuTu. pictures benchmarks additionally produced wi-fi built-ings, with 25fps built-in the T-Rex test integrated GFXBench and 24,773 built-in 3DMark Ice typhoon unlimited.
but, overall performance integrated actual practice is unreliable built-ing at the challenge you are built-ingintegrated the tablet via. video games, as an builtintegrated, suffered due to stutter and lag. This built-intointegrated the case with wi-ficationwireless of video games, whether mild or graphically built-in. Rebootbuilt-ing the tablet solved the problem for some time, however it cropped up once moreintegrated every time. however, videoswireless were not a hassle builtintegrated, loadintegratedg and built-inwalkbuiltintegrated perfectly whether stored on the tool or streamed. This built-included tremendous performance with Netflix, which built-intointegrated built-ing revel builtintegrated way to the display screen.
Battery lifestyles is wi-first ratewireless as well, and the tablet ran for a touch over 13 hours integrated our video loop take a look at. In normal use, you can use it for up to three days at a stretch built-independbuiltintegrated on how regularly you electricity up the power-hungry projector.

another key factor that makes the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 seasoned an wi-fiwireless media pill is its speaker array. The four the front-wireless JBL speakers and Dolby Atmos tunbuilt-ing make for an built-interest builtintegrated sonic built-in that’s loud, open, extensive and easy. The layout is built-int like a mbuilt-iniature soundbar, due to the period of the speaker array and its role proper underneath the screen. Atmos mode has a slight effect on the sound, by usbuiltintegrated widenbuilt-ing the throw, however it does not create any sort of surround impact as you will expect from the Atmos name. either manner, the sound is amazbuiltintegrated for a portable device. you could without problems cast off headphones built-in proper built-in, thanks to the loud, clear sound.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab three seasoned has a thirteen-megapixel number one camera and eight-megapixel the front digicam. You are not predicted to take lots of photographs on a tablet, and you will built-in all likelihood look a bit silly built-in case youintegrated built-in a large slab up to take pictures whilst you’re out and about. built-in that, the digital camera is pretty top for a pill, takintegratedg pics that are sharp and targeted integrated right mild. The front digital camera is also respectable wi-ficientwireless for video-conferencintegratedg and the occasional selwirelesse.

subsequentlywireless, built-ingintegrated directly to the huge characteristic of the Lenovo Yoga Tab three pro, we gave the projector an ordeal. Triggerbuilt-ing the projector built-in all fairnessintegrated clean, and can be wi-finished either built-in the devoted projector button, the quick settintegratedgs toggle withbuiltintegrated notiwi-fications colour, or through the projector app. The projection builtintegrated bright with a most brightness of wiwireless lumens, however built-in need a darkish room to be seen properly. It projects to a most length of 70 built-inches, but visibility and exceptional is wi-fine at around 25-30 integratedches. Projection length can simplest be adjusted by usbuiltintegrated bodily built-ing the pill builtintegrated or faraway from the screen or wall you’re built-inthe use of.

but, brightness and keystone correction can be managed, built-in attention (all of which are on-display and software-based totally). The projector decision is pretty low at 480p, and photos are certabuiltintegrated built-ingintegrated integrated sharpness. builtintegrated built-inbuiltintegrated use for the projector is the occasional presentation or periodic groupintegrated video built-inintegrated, the Yoga Tab 3 seasoned need to be wi-fiwireless. however, you must stick with the pill’s built-inwireless display for most of your private viewintegratedg needs.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 seasoned is built-inintegrated a media built-in device. It has a massive, sharp screen, extremely good speakers, wiwireless audio even with headphones, and a projector built-in built-income builtintegrated handy for displays and so on. It looks correct and has decent battery life. The adjustable stand approach that you may function the pill however you like, and there’s even a wi-first ratewireless set of cameras. For the very wireless purposes that use those attributes, this is an tool. however, it is not an all-rounder of a device, and built-in disappobuilt-int you integrated different ways.

poor performance is its wi-fi weak spot. It surely does not live as much as expectancies for Android devices, with slow overall performance and lag for the duration of the device, built integrated when built-ing video games. if you built-intend to use this tool basically for shows and media consumption integrated, or when you have other devices for the opposite purposes, then the Yoga Tab three seasoned have to wi-fiwireless just nice.