4 Steps to Simplifying a Photography Business

Photography is a beautiful career field, literally! Spending the day taking artistic photographs can truly fill the heart with joy. However, there are some aspects of the photography business that some might dread. Many of these can and have been solved with some of modern technology’s lifesaving programs, platforms, and devices.

Simplifying File Storage

Photography can eat up an incredible amount of flash drives, SD cards, and discs. Instead, investing in a large external hard drive can make file storage much easier. This single central location can take all of the data off of cards and organize it neatly. If a physical hard drive doesn’t seem like the best option, there are also very spacious cloud storage options as well. The benefits of cloud storage include ease of sharing, regular back ups, and enhanced security for documents.

Organizing Contracts and Legal Documents Painlessly

Between model releases and standard client photography contracts, a photographer might get lost in a sea of paperwork. If the photographer is already using a paperless management system, he or she might have a hard time finding contracts from years past on the main computer. A contract management system can solve this whirlwind, allowing the photographer to pull up old contracts should the legal need arise.

Utilizing Self-Help Printing Services with Customers

Finding a decent printing company was an interesting challenge in the past. Now, digital files and popular branded companies have made this process much easier on the photographer. Simply sample a few of the top printing companies, choose the best based on a few characteristics (including quality, price, and the variety of printable products), then send clients their way with confidence! Photographers could also be more involved in this process by offering certain products as a service, ordering the products from their chosen prints, inspecting the finished product once it arrives, then hand delivering the goods to the client.

Booking with Online Public Calendars

With collaborative online calendars, groups of people can add events (or request time slots for services) that are visible to others. These calendars update in real time, and can be accessed at virtually any time. This allows clients to choose a time and date that suits them, while planning around filled time slots. This prevents double booking, which can end in tragedy.

Sometimes, the business end of photography can be somewhat stressful, but it does not have to be. Many things can be completed by the customer or automated by software, with minimal work from the photographer.