Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ Facing Battery Drain Issue After Android Pie Update

Samsung Galaxy S9₹ 41,990 and Galaxy S9+₹ 53,200owners are reportedly facing battery drain issues after installing the recently released Android Pie update for the two phones. The phones are apparently going down several battery percentage points in a matter of seconds. Several users are claiming that the battery performance has become worse after the update, select others, however, had the opposite experience. It is unclear at this point if this a widespread issue or limited to a certain geography. Samsung had started rolling out the Pie update for its flagship models on last week.

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According to the folks at SamMobile, who were the first to spot the battery drain issue, the charge on the Galaxy S9₹ 41,990 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones is going down quickly for some users after applying the Android Pie update. The publication speculated that it could be one of the reasons why the South Korea-based manufacturer has only released the Pie update in a handful of countries. “Battery life has been better on Pie than Oreo in general, but I just saw my Galaxy S9+ go down from 10 percent battery to 5 percent in a matter of seconds, without the phone reporting any app going haywire in the background,” wrote SamMobile’s Abhijeet.

The user feedback to the update seem to be mixed at the moment with some users experiencing the battery charge drain and others claiming that their phone’s battery performance has actually become better after the update.

This is the second issue that is being reported about the Galaxy S9 Pie update. Last week, some users noted that they were having problems using Bixby voice assistant after the Android Pie update. The Bixby 2.0 on Galaxy S9 phones apparently fails to understand many commands that worked fine with Bixby 1.0.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphone started getting the Android Pie update on December 24. The update is over 1.7GB in size and includes the upgraded One users interface as well as core Pie features.