4 Devices You Need for a Summer Road Trip

Summer is the best time of year to hit the open road and see everything that the United States has to offer. From hiking through national parks to ordering waffles at a roadside diner, your road trip will create memories that stick with you forever. However, there are a few gadgets that you should consider buying to prevent your dream trip from becoming a nightmare. Check out these four items to stay safe and comfortable throughout your trip.

Mophie Spacestation

External Battery and Hard Drive

The Mophie Spacestation doubles as an external hard drive and a backup battery, which can be invaluable when watching movies on the road. While tablets are typically the standard for road trip entertainment, they’re only useful as long as they’re charged. Once your iPad runs out of battery, boredom sets in while the drive seems to last for hours.

The Mophie Spacestation transfers files wirelessly or through a USB cable, and it can triple the battery life of an iPhone 6. Not only will this device help your battery last through the trip, but you’ll also have plenty of movies to keep everyone entertained.


GPS Systems

While many road trippers rely on their smartphones to get them from start to finish, smart drivers should still take advantage of GPS systems that rest on the driver’s dash. Modern systems report the speed limit to prevent drivers from getting a ticket, have incident detection alerts, and feature dash cams to record the drive. This way if you experience or see an accident, you have the event on film to provide unquestionable evidence of what occurred. All of these tools make your GPS system a must-have for the road.

vape gadget

Mod for Vaping

Whether you’re traveling with a group or you just don’t want to stop every few hours, consider ditching your traditional pack of cigarettes for a Europa Mod. With this in hand, you won’t have to pull over for a cigarette, and your road trip companions won’t have to endure the smell of smoke on your clothes after a break. Plus, it’s better to have a mod handy when traveling through unfamiliar areas rather than depend on finding a nearby convenience store.

led road flares

LED Road Flares

Many drivers forgo traditional road flares for LED versions because of the latter option’s safety and convenience. At one time, traditional road flares emitted smoke and chemicals that affected everyone in the area, and they only lasted for half an hour. Newer LED flares are brighter, longer lasting, and reusable.

LED flares can be lifesavers if you’re stranded in the middle of the road at night. Drivers will be able to see you and either stop for help or move over to keep you safe. They can also alert the highway patrol to your location for roadside assistance.

These are just a few gadgets to consider buying for your car before you hit the road. Remember that the most important thing to bring along is a good driver. Be sure to designate a good who pays attention and drives defensively to make sure everyone gets to their destination safely.