Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Update Causing Random Freezes, Unresponsive Apps, Other Issues

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Update Causing Random Freezes, Unresponsive Apps, Other Issues: Reports


Samsung Galaxy S10 series started receiving a new update last week, which brought the May 2019 Android security patch and also introduced some camera enhancements. But it appears that the update also brought some bugs that are causing the Galaxy S10 series smartphones to randomly freeze. Moreover, some third-party apps like Twitter and WhatsApp have started showing a ‘not responding’ error message for users who’ve installed the latest update. For some users, the Galaxy S10 series themselves become unresponsive randomly, requiring them to reboot the phones every time it happens.

The issues arising after installing the update, whose rollout began last week, varies from user to user. In some cases, the update causes third-party applications like Nova Launcher, Twitter, or WhatsApp to become unresponsive. For a few users, their Galaxy S10 series phones became totally unresponsive out of the blue and did not react to touch inputs at all for some time, and then reverted back to functioning normally. The issues caused by the recent Galaxy S10 series update were documented by SamMobile.

Measures such as clearing the app and system cache also appear to be futile on the affected Samsungflagships, and even booting the phone in recovery mode reportedly could not resolve the issues. Other annoyances that seemingly reared their head after the recent update include a slower unlock speed, the phone app freezing randomly, automatic restarts, and an overall laggy UI navigation experience.

User reports about the erratic Galaxy S10 behaviour following the recent update can be found on the XDA-forum as well. We also came across multiple reports of unhappy Galaxy S10 users on Twitter trying to cope up with issues such as random third-party app crashes, a laggy navigation experience, as well as apps shutting down on their phone.

Even factory resetting the phone is reportedly of no use, as the bugs persist, indicating that the OTA contains issues and is thus the source of the havoc. As of now, Samsung is yet to respond to the issues caused by the recent update targeted at the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and the Galaxy S10e, and resolve the aforementioned issues. We’ve reached out to Samsung regarding the bugs observed in the Galaxy S10’s latest update, and will update the story as and when we receive a response.